Wellvisors Black Dash Mat Dashboard Cover For Subaru Solterra Toyota bZ4X 2023+ w/o Head-Up Display

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Easy to install.
Made in Taiwan.
Custom fit to your vehicle's dashboard.

Product Details:

The interior of a car can get as high as 110 degrees, depending on where you live.
Dashboards can wither and even crack caused by the intense heat coupled with the damaging UV rays. Our custom-fit dash mat covers not only protect your dash from damage, but also enhance the interior look of your car in the process.

Highlights & Features:

Dashboard Mat
-Blocks harmful UV and infrared rays.
-Protects from cracking damage caused from heat.
-Made of non-toxic materials, no VOC.
-Green charcoal infused material consists of: Bamboo charcoal, White charcoal and Coconut charcoal.
-Negative Ion charged - Absorbs odor & moisture.
-Will not fade under sunlight.
-Top Layer is made of Charcoal infused Polyester, Center - Foam Bottom - 65% Cotton.
-Reduces glare from the sun.
-Lightweight design.
-Thickness: 5mm
-Vent cut-outs to allow airflow.
-Mount using 3M Reclosable Fastener.


Dash Mat - Polyester | Foam | 65% Cotton


Dash Mat - Black

What's in the box:

1 x Dash Mat

What you might need for installation:

Clean dashboard surface before installing dash mat.
3M Reclosable Fastener is included.

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